Let's cut and paste another night to waste
The city streets are calling out for you, so go show them your face
It's time to sell yourself by being someone else
Mixing elegance laced with decadence
Because you know your life won't get better than this

By the way you shake, I can tell you're a fake
So be the entertainment for tonight so they'll remember your name
'Cause you have to be pretty and you have to be clean
Just to put your little product in their vending machines
So glitter up the gray and see how much you'll make
Because they just don't care how bad you taste

Put that gold record on and sing those stupid songs
Just to make that beat on every street go on
We've got a war to wage because it's all the rage
To forget yourself for the chance at being great

It's an awful mess who you're trying to impress
You want the neon dreams in teen magazines to bring you back from the dead
'Cause the pop music princess is so easy to please
But you have only fifteen minutes just to get on your knees
So what would be left after what's done and said
And the limelight has gone to your head?

You ride your high horse so damn well
But as far as I can tell
The world will reject you, your friends disrespect you,
But you just don't care 'cause you don't have a clue!


from Pride And Progress / Goin' For Broke, released October 11, 2011


all rights reserved



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