Pride And Progress / Goin' For Broke

by The Offseason

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released October 11, 2011


all rights reserved



Barrett Records Ann Arbor, Michigan

Independent record label based out of Ann Arbor, MI

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Track Name: Forfeit
I've got a fucking bone to pick
With every guy you claim you've slept with,
ëCause I can't understand why you're back here.
I've moved on and so have you,
But look at what you've gotten into.
A never ending cycle of mental abuse.

And I don't need to hear about it.

'Cause every night remains the same
In your new found high life college charade.
It's never idealistic enough for you.
I know someday you'll learn from this,
But to me it's still the same old bullshit,
And I get tired of hearing about life after me.

'Cause I don't need to hear about him tonight.

I forfeit,
So take your shit
And leave this place.
Do this for me.
Do this for me and you.
Track Name: Pride and Progress
Between me and you, they don't like what I do.
I shouldn't take it to heart, 'cause that's all I'm used to.
I've spent hundreds of hours on coffee and chords,
Inside of my dorm room, recording my words,
So I could be told, This whining is getting old.

This is a battle of pride and progress,
'Cause I love what I do regardless.
They might be right,
But don't let their words change your life.

Sure, it's the truth, but it hurts all the same.
I have grown out of t-shirts I thought fit you too,
Now my pictures have put me to shame, 'cause
Now I see someone that I don't recognize,
From poses he made to the lust in his eyes.
I couldn't take his advice if I tried.
('Cause he's dead inside!)

Don't go living for someone else
'Cause you'll never be happy with yourself
Unless you feel the best when you feel empty
Track Name: These Things Happen
There's something different about tonight
Hinting at our liquored vibes,
You took me back to your room
Like you've got something to prove
But I'm still stupid enough to fall for the things you do

You don't have to feel ashamed
You've made them jealous anyway
So thanks for the heartless games we played, but
I don't understand why you would call me again

You don't have to feel ashamed,
It's just your intentions anyway
Cause these things happen, and that's okay, but
I don't understand why you would want me again
Track Name: Thanks For Nothing
I guess my friends were right, I'm too nice to those who don't deserve it from me
I didn't sift you out, 'cause I didn't think you'd be a problem, yeah.

But when this all comes back to me,
Who am I supposed to believe?

You tried to take my voice, and make it into something that I never wanted to hear
As if it was your choice. You knew what you were getting into the day you moved here.
You only talk to those that I seem to know 'cause you can't go out on your own
Well, that has never been or will begin to be my problem if you're alone

My big shadow wasn't made for you
So don't act like you deserve that, too

Come this May,
I won't have to hear a thing you say
You'll just leave,
Like you've left everything

I wonder if you know,
That your brand of arrogance is sickening all of my friends
And I know that you tried,
So don't try to deny your advances on my ex,

Make yourself at home,
'Cause this will be the last thing
You call your own from me
Track Name: Livin' The Dream
I just don't wanna grow up this year
I just don't wanna grow old

So here I am, standing at my wit's end
'Cause I am not certain if this is the way I should go
This new philosophy of giving up on my dreams
For a shot at nothing bigger has me shaken down to the bone

'Cause I just don't wanna grow up this year
I just don't wanna grow old

I just don't wanna grow up this year
I just don't wanna grow old
I just don't wanna give up just yet
I just don't wanna go
If this is everything that you want to see
You'll notice nothing that's inside of me
'Cause I've yet to be livin' the dream, YEAH

I'm losin' my mind half of the goddamn time
'Cause nobody wants to settle because they had failed
This is redemption, and out go the accusations
And everyone's guilty 'cause I don't think anyone's right

This is my dream, no matter how bad it seems
But this bullshit clutters my head
I'm sick of the bills, sick of the nonsense we can't kill
'Cause I just don't wanna grow up this year
I just don't wanna grow
Track Name: Frank White
Gettin' by on the dime
It never seems easy, but you're still aiming to please
As if you need my company
I'm sorry you're in a hole,
But you can't keep bitching at me for the life you chose
So hold yourself responsible

But I'm infatuated with this inebriation from you

You're on hold when it gets cold
But everyone has to depend on you
And everybody wants your name
But that is just the way it will stay
Ambiguous by day

Gettin' high every night
You never seem happy, but it takes your mind off of things
And the stress that life brings
We're hangin' out with Frank White (he's been here all night)
And it taught me a valuable lesson
That there's so many people who rely on other people like you

You're so crazy for all this lately,
But you're just hazy
Track Name: Dirt Nap
Is this the way that you have to be
When you listen to me?
I'm not trying to put you in your place
You have to learn how to make mistakes
Like the choices I've made
Because I'm proud to say that they're what made me
And everybody

These are the roads we never wanted to know
These are the roads but that's the way that we'll go
'Cause there's no such thing as a happy ending

I can't remember the past few years
When I overdosed on fear
The fear of knowing what the right way was
The critics will always have to say
That you can't do it
But that is all a part of growing up
It's shutting them up

You know this to be true
The world won't quit for you
Track Name: I'm Not As Stupid As You
The time is winding down and everyone's hit the ground
(That's how the party goes)
And everybody knows your name in this two-bit town
(That's how the party rolls)
You always seem to complain about the same old games
Your man is with other ladies that don't seem to have names
So what did you expect in this tequila brigade?
(That's how the party rolls)

Even if you knew me, I
Would never have suggested you try
To get behind the wheel and drive
Because of what he said tonight

Do you feel like you're so lost
And the feeling's already gone?
If your world's still spinning,
You're not going anywhere.
I'd rather be safe here with you.

I heard you shout from the roof "I'm not as stupid as you"
(That's how the party goes)
But since you look so good, I don't know what to do
With a beautiful mess like you
Track Name: 15 Minutes Of Lame
Let's cut and paste another night to waste
The city streets are calling out for you, so go show them your face
It's time to sell yourself by being someone else
Mixing elegance laced with decadence
Because you know your life won't get better than this

By the way you shake, I can tell you're a fake
So be the entertainment for tonight so they'll remember your name
'Cause you have to be pretty and you have to be clean
Just to put your little product in their vending machines
So glitter up the gray and see how much you'll make
Because they just don't care how bad you taste

Put that gold record on and sing those stupid songs
Just to make that beat on every street go on
We've got a war to wage because it's all the rage
To forget yourself for the chance at being great

It's an awful mess who you're trying to impress
You want the neon dreams in teen magazines to bring you back from the dead
'Cause the pop music princess is so easy to please
But you have only fifteen minutes just to get on your knees
So what would be left after what's done and said
And the limelight has gone to your head?

You ride your high horse so damn well
But as far as I can tell
The world will reject you, your friends disrespect you,
But you just don't care 'cause you don't have a clue!